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Tardis does a Phase-change​!

Magefekt now has three phase power residential and commercial systems. Working with REA Ltd we recently had two residential systems and a commercial system installed all running on Tardis 24 Volt batteries. Because Tardis batteries are simply plug and play we are able to put up to 20kWh of energy storage in an incredibly small cabinet.

See below a recent residential installation on the Mornington Peninsula. Although this one is in the garage there is no need to keep this Avantess model cabinet out of the sun. Rain, hail or shine this beautiful powder coated aluminium cabinet will still look good in 20 years and the Tardis batteries really don't care about the heat or humidity of the Australian environment. Stay tune for more on the commercial systems being installed as we post this blog!!

Note the Triangular design of the solar panels to blend into roof line

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