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Frankly Frankston Article July 2017

Background Case Notes:

Magefekt started battery production five years ago. It did so to provide batteries for a local wheelchair manufacturer that wanted to keep its most vulnerable customers safe yet provide them more power to go further and for longer. Since this time Magefekt has used its Tardis brand batteries in a range of different projects. What has set the Tardis battery apart from its competitors is simply it has been built fit for purpose. This means Magefekt has created a battery that is smaller and lighter per energy available than any other battery of its type they know of in the world. According to Director Max Coulthard the Tardis battery has a number of other features that are attractive. These include being able to tolerate heat and perform at peak level even at 60⁰ C. Max advised it is made from locally formulated urethane to be rugged and water resistant. It also has no terminals that can cause sparks with leads available any length required such as above where water would penetrate. Engineer David Treanor said they key to the Tardis is its low internal resistance which means the battery remains cool to touch during fast charge plus discharge where its internal power is directed into providing the customer with the power they need.

Recently Tardis batteries have found their way into applications such as water and sewerage authorities to drive pumps and even an entire town water supply. As part of the Renewable Energy Alliance (REA) they have developed a complete energy storage system that can be located either inside or outside a residence without the need for cooling systems to manage battery heat. Unlike most other battery systems popular on the market these systems provide uninterrupted power supply even when grid power goes down. With low heat generation, Tardis batteries provide the safety families are looking for when buying an energy storage system. These systems are small and light yet powerful. This means they can be carried onto premises and installed almost anywhere without using specialty carrying equipment. Their Aluminium cabinets are long lasting and their inverters so smart they can operate in either AC or DC mode automatically to provide you with many options regarding where the power comes from and how used.

At last Australians have a choice to buy high quality locally designed and manufactured batteries and “Avantess” energy storage systems with everything inside a neat locally made cabinet and no external fuses, inverters and controls spread all over your wall. For more information see the REA website on or Magefekt

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