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MagEfekt is committed to the reduction of carbon emissions and negative environmental impacts.  In regards to its battery business we have designed these with recycling in mind.  Below is a summary of our product environmental strategies

Environmental Strategies

1. Our products are designed and produced to be robust and long life


a. We have a zero waste policy


b. Our design ensures little opportunity for waste


c. We use of locally developed Urethane that is high impact and temperature resistant


2. We reduce waste by:


a. Reducing the number of batteries needed to achieve user energy demands


b. Minimising the amount of materials used


c. Using smart manufacturing to ensure nominal waste


d. Reducing the amount of plastic used in transporting


3. All components are chosen for their potential for recycling


a. Materials are selected for ease of separation and reprocessing


b. Using materials that have high recycling capability such as copper and brass


c. We control the formulation of locally produced plastics and therefore can ensure their recyclability



4. We avoid high risk materials such as:


a. Glass fibres


b. Toxic stabilisers



5. All products have high transport durability because:


a. They are made robust and stackable


6. We ensure end of life safety by:


a. Ensuring non leaching of any chemicals at end of life


b. Producing products that provide safe end of life storage and handling



7. Research and continuous improvement


a. We are working with a local recycling firms to develop an appropriate component extraction system


b. Working with local Universities to resolve current limitations regarding life of batteries and design improvements

Batteries are the heart of MagEfekt. We specialise in designing, building and manufacturing quality battery packs to meet specific customer requirements.  Contact us now for a quote >>
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