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How do the different types of batteries compare in terms of storage and power?

Figure 9 compares the specific energy of lead, nickel- and lithium-based systems. While NCA is the clear winner by storing more capacity than other systems, this only applies to specific energy. In terms of specific power (load characteristics) and thermal stability, Li-manganese and Li-phosphate are superior. Li-titanate may have low capacity but this chemistry outlives most other secondary batteries in terms of life span.  It has also the best cold temperature performance. As we move to electric powertrains, safety and cycle life are becoming more important than capacity alone.

  • Figure 9: Typical specific energy of lead, nickel- and lithium-based batteries

  • NCA enjoys the highest specific energy; however, manganese and phosphate are superior in terms of specific power and thermal stability. Li-titanate has the best life span.

  • (Source: Cadex via Battery University Apr 21, 2015)

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